I work in the Community Benefit Sector/Nonprofit in the Central Valley. My focus is on partnership, collaboration, and data and technology to improve the quality of life in our communities and its peoples.

This website provides a space for sharing articles, data, and resources that I come across from time to time.

Below are the latest posts I have shared.

Kelvin F. Alfaro

Senior Program Officer, Central Valley Community Foundation

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Funding Opportunities for Central Valley CBOs

Please pass these along to your networks.    Support for Initiatives Promoting Healthy LivingAetna Foundation: Cultivating Healthy Communities The Aetna Foundation is dedicated to promoting wellness, health, and access to high-quality healthcare for everyone. The...

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Social Explorer

Community Benefit Sector Folks this tool may be helpful for your work. Social Explorer allows you to: visually Explore Demographic Data - Over 220 years of demographic data, 25,000 maps, hundreds of profile reports, 40 billion data elements and 335,000 variables. Tell...

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